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Handmade cotton pleated face masks! They're washable, re-usable, and reversible! These face masks will be made with elastic ear loops. They're made with 2 layers of 100% cotton fabric. 

They also have a pocket for a filter.



They will have ELASTIC EAR LOOPS that are about 6.5" long, so they're a one-size-fits-most mask! The elastic is approximately 1/4" in width -- I've been using whatever I can get locally. (In the photo that shows me wearing a mask, that is 3/8" wide elastic, but I'm using thinner elastic for masks in these orders.)

The masks will be in a RANDOM pattern, as I'm keeping them very low-cost by using up "extra" fabric that I have. If you have preference for specific colours or patterns (or avoiding certain types of patterns), please let me know! I can't guarantee any specific pattern but I'll absolutely work with you to be sure you like what you get! There's very little chance that any particular pattern in the photos is still available, as I usually have enough fabric to make 2-10 masks per pattern, but you can leave notes about what patterns you like.

Face Mask with Elastic Ear Loops -Children

SKU: 2011-02
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